Chronos Depot

Client: None. It is a personal project
Task: Development
Skills: PHP, Kohana Framework, MySQL, ORM, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 HTML JavaScript PHP Database CSS

This is a project management solution with focus on time tracking. A user can create and manage his teams, create projects, assign teams to projects, create tasks and assign them to team members. The team members can navigate through the tasks that were assigned to them. Each available task has a stopwatch that the team members would use to track their time on that task. Records of the work logs are registered separately for each team member. Earnings and expenses are calculated based on the work logs, team members' earnings and project budget or hourly rate.

This is a personal project, so I was 100% involved in its every aspect. I used KohanaFramework 3 with Mustache templates, MySql and Kohana ORM for the backend. I made the frontend using Bootstrap 3 and jQuery.

Among the plans for further development the implementation of invoices and the first priority will be to allow the customer to spectate the evolution of the projects.